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Settee, Meadowgate and 'Where's my till?'

By suziebeans, Mar 24 2014 10:39PM

I've taken the door off my lounge, which could explain why my knees are cold. There is a reason, I went to Marks and Spencers on Friday on the way home from work to buy some underwear, and came out with a settee. I don't think I will get it in with the door on, so I am preparing the route from outside to in when I eventually get hold of Darren, who calls me Mrs Johnson, he has a van and came recommended by Marks & Spencers. I also bought a cash till from Staples on Friday, they told me it would turn up the following day, but the call to pick it up never came, so I called them at 5pm and they said there was no delivery until Monday. This story is boring, I'll stop here. Needless to say there still is no till at The Wool Sanctuary.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! I have lost my remote control so if anyone from Knit Club who attended on Saturday happened to see it can you please let me know where you saw it. It takes a long time to manually change the channel like we used to in the 1970s. I might turn it off and go to bed and play solitaire. I still haven't started my book that I got for Christmas. 'The Whitehouse Diaries' by Jimmy Carter. Why do I find it so hard to concentrate on reading a book?

I have booked Meadowgate 7 for October 24th - October 31st. It falls in half term. so if you would like to come then please let me know and I will make sure that you receive the email with all the details. You will have to be quick though as the places do go quickly.

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